Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I should be doing that!

I had this interesting conversation with a friend last week. We talked about how pampered we are in India - there are so many things we should be doing ourselves at this age, but we have the easy way out. Now don't get me wrong, I know some of us are more pampered than the rest. But this is about me - it's got me thinking about the many things I should be doing myself or atleast capable of doing myself. So in actual fact this is a confession on how useless I can be.
1. Drive - I so wish I could drive. Here's the history - Just before I turned 18, I was really enthusiastic about driving and got myself some lessons and eventually my license when I qualified. After which of course lethargy set in and I have always had someone really reliable to drive me around!(thanks to My Dad, Rahul, Aashish, Renie, Mart, Thanigai and now Zac!). Now I am petrified of the thought of ever driving in Chennai.
2. Iron clothes - I hate this chore and have always had someone to do it for me. I'm sure I could do it if I tried, but not as well though.
3. Making coffee - this has always been a task for my husband, before which it was my mum which means I have never been able to make the perfect cup of coffee for myself!
4. Change bulbs - I know I can do this, I think I have in the past. But now anytime this needs to be done, I wait for my husband....terrible, I know!
5. Wash dishes - I can do this, but avoid this as much as possible. I love cooking and will cook as much as people around me can eat. But the dirty dishes after are a nightmare.

There are so many more things, but I don't want to look too useless- if I have not achieved that already - are there things you should do which you don't and why??