Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wish upon a falling star

I have always liked trying new things it terms of fitness........I have gymed for ages, I jog, I used to do aerobics and yoga, I have even done kick-boxing! Recently I rejoined Power Yoga classes after I ran into Divya who is a great Yoga Instructor. I have to admit I am crap at yoga or anything else that requires me to be flexible, but I absolutely love doing these classes. The classes are held on the terrace of a Beasant Nagar Apartment Building from where you can see the beach, the setting sun, the church, the temple and a typical chaotic scene of the city I have come to adore and call home. It is a great way to end a busy or not so busy day at work.
The other day we were ending the class with some breathing and relaxation excercises. Now the point of the excerices was to let your mind and body relax. The instructions were clear...try NOT to let your mind wander. So there we were lying on our mats facing the sky as the sun set and the stars started twinkling. As I stared at the dark sky, I noticed a falling star(Also called shooting star...& yes I googled it to see if they were the same!)...I don't think I've seen one before. Then of course I remembered you are to wish upon a falling star and though I don't believe in such things I decided to do so just in case! So my mind was racing....a successful career I thought to myself...but no that was too selfish.......a happy life....nah, too much of a cliche....I know that wishing to lose weight or pass an exam does not work(don't even ask), so I won't consider those. World that's not selfish and god knows we could do with that and maybe if there were enough of us wishing for it, who knows it might come true.....
To Divya.....I will try to not let my mind wander the next time.....

Thursday, October 26, 2006


I had just cooked dinner last night and as I walked out of the kitchen, my husband looked at me, smiled and said..."Beautiful". I had to smile. Well of course it's great when your husband (still) thinks you're beautiful, but I was smiling because I had just spent an hour in the I was pouring with sweat, had not combed my hair in over 12 hours, I had not bothered to wash my face after work so I had my eyeliner and kajal running all over my sweaty face and I was probably smelling of onions and garlic......basically I looked terrible! So when somebody finds you beautiful all the time....when you wakeup in the morning and look like you've been in a hurricane hit spot, when you've been sick and have a runny nose or when you walk out of the kitchen looking like you've been in a combat zone, it's very special. To me this actually translates into unconditional love. You know when you have become very fond of someone, they start looking really nice in your eyes?(as opposed to before you knew them, or worse - if you disliked them at some point!) Many people have asked me(Esp before our wedding) - "how do you know that this person is 'the one'?". I have always rattled off different answers depending on my mood or the person I'm talking to. But here it is people, it can't get more obvious than this - when you receive unconditional love and he finds you beautiful no matter what - Go For it!!! Of course you have to feel the same way as well....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Love........

I Love.......
Martin....My Husband
A cup of strong coffee made by my mom - early in the morning
To make my friends laugh

My brother's Smile
The feeling after a good workout
Being Passionate about something
Watching kids at play
A good gossip session with my best friend...Zac
People who my mom
Feeling egoistic I hear you say....but this is my space remember?!
A stimulating conversation....Divya Sesh, if you are reading...this one's for you!
My Dad......