Monday, January 08, 2007

Dear Zac

Dear Zac,
It's funny how I write letters to you in my head....wonder if other people do this as well. The sad part is how I rarely write it down or type an email with the same thoughts. I think it has to do with the fact that we have lived in different places, different cities and even different countries a lot; and each time I experience something new or wonderful or maybe even something quite sad, I feel I should share it with you the next time I write to you or see you. I usually never get around to writing it down, so that's why we never run out of topics of conversation when we meet!!!
People keep asking me if you have changed from the whole experience of living in Australia. My standard answer is "yes....definately!". Well you have, you've aquired a few important skills like the art of making chappattis! Which I have to admit I cannot do. But you have essentially remained the same person, probably slightly more mature...but the same. For example, previously, if the topic of conversation did not interest you, you would automatically switch off! You don't do that anymore....wonder if you have noticed that yourself? Also your hair has magically got a lot straighter, it must be the magic conditioner! Imagine if you were to sell that in your homeland - Kerala - you would make a load of cash!!! Also, a few years ago you might not have even considered foregoing a New Years party so that you could spend it with family. You did it this year and Survived!!! Of course you played spoilsport and didn't take our calls - but thats another story!! Well what I am getting around to saying is that you have changed for the better but are essentially the same old Zac...always up for a good time, full of affection, never forming an opinion because of something somebody said, giving everybody a fair chance and a big fan of fish biriyani!
'Thanks for being you' Zacster and balancing out my personality so well(almost as well as Mart!).
Have a good year ahead....make the most of it.


Zac said...

AWWWWWWWWWWW...thanks man!! you are awesome!!

Siva said...

That is one hell of mail to say "Sweet emotions" Pulster. I wish i was a girl for my best friend to write something like this for me :-)

Shweta said...

Seeing you two makes me wish I'd had such a close long time girl friend!
...and Zac we missed you very much at new years.