Monday, November 20, 2006

Cheer Up's not the end of the world!

"Cheer Up's not the end of the world!" A stranger actually said this to me at the airport in London!

I have been meaning to blog for a few days now...last week was quite stressful. It definitely started off badly, what a typical Monday. Well, honestly I'm not one of those people who hate Mondays - you know people who invariable start the week in the foulest of moods...though I know quite of few of this kind! Monday is like any other day to me...just like Rainy days don't depress me. But last Monday seemed quite bad.
To start off with, the interviews I had scheduled for the weekend before completely flopped. I mean, they sounded like dream candidates....but turned out to be the biggest frauds ever, would you believe we were tempted to call the police!!!! How can you blatantly lie about your work experience and skills, you are bound to be found out...and isn't it embarrassing???! Ok, well even if you fluke it and get the job, how would you do your job without knowing what to do or how to do it??!!! I don't think I will ever be able to understand some people.
At the end of a hard day at work, I decided I needed to restart my yoga(I hadn't been to classes since my fall). As I was leaving work on time, my boss clocked me(Literally!) and pointed to his watch and said I was leaving three minutes early. I tried to explain that the time on my PC read 17:32...but he said that the only time that mattered was the time on his watch. Well okay then....what about the countless times I have left work after 20:00 on my PC and his watch!!! So I left for yoga class feeling terrible and completely unappreciated.
I didn't manage to enjoy myself as much at yoga right arm was killing me and I wasn't able to do most of the routines or positions as well. I hate feeling inadequate, especially when I was able to do something that I can't's sort of the same feeling I get when I can't fit into my favourite pair of jeans! For all my female friends reading this, you might laugh, but you know what I'm talking've been there!
So I got home feeling pretty much like shit, and to top it off I had my husband give me a lecture about standing up for myself and being able to say 'no'. All this while I made dinner. I was so down by the end of it all, I had to end the day on a better note. So I put on my Christmas music CD...I know it's early, but there's nothing better than Christmas and Christmas music to cheer you up(well it might not work for everyone - but it works on me!). I don't know what it is, it could be the general festive spirit Christmas is known for or memories of many fun times during this season. Whatever it is, it worked for's funny how the simplest thing can make you smile.
I'm trying to think of other simple things that can be used to cheer you up :
A good ol' sitcom.
An honest compliment. really works!
Bumping into a long lost friend.
The rain - especially when you are from Vellore.
The Sun - especially when you are from Stoke!
I'm sure there are a lot more you can think of....list them out if you can remember any..


Renie said...

You know what else never fails to cheer you up? A pet dog!

Rashmi said...

more christmas music, a bottle of old monk and a few rounds of doll... how does wednesday sound??

me said...

Not just any good ol' sitcom...FRIENDS. Any episode will do.
Mango pickle...any pickle!
Receiving handwritten letters
Old cards
Old photographs
Listing things that make you feel good

PMJohnson said...

Ah Ha...Shweta!!!!

Siva said...

A surprise Birthday cake during a dinking session in a local bar (and its not your B'day), both feet facing A/C vents, Sunday afternoon drive to Moonrack for fish and beer.

Zac said...

a good laugh with close friends!
a pet dog any day!
Fish Biriyani?!

me said...

Why Shweta?

Renie said...

Happy anniversary Pulster - again! Now for your next entry, how about "Adventures on a house boat"?

ahiri said...

a hug
a good scratch (sometimes)
soaking your feet in hot water
sighing just sighing

(isn't blogger easier?... will visit often . i like reading through your pages .)